This is one of three suspected German artillery sites that may also have been providing anti-aircraft protection to the men of the 352 VGD Pushing, and trying to hold the West border of the Luxembourg Ardennes. It is also hypothesized, that one of the sites could have been operated by the F.A.S.I Bn III, that maned 88cm flak that could have shot down our plane in research. These sites held 10 cm leFH 18 guns as evidence indicated by ammo box ends, handles, shell bottoms with screw-in primers and a partial artillery projection chart (grafische Schusstafel) that was lying under leaves. I thought it was a boundary sign someone put in the ground there as it looked so new.

Also discovered in the area was a cut out bottom of the chart, at first it was a short mystery, but I had a theory. The shape was very similar to the bottom of a mess tin, used to eat from, I then found a tin next to a tree and the bottom was a perfect fit, as was an additional aluminum cut out, I was then for certain it was used to rest the mess tin on in the fire. The mess tin was German and even had a heart inscribed on it with initials, probably a home sweet heart.

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