M1 Hydraulic Bomb Lift, Weaver Manufacturing, Springfield, ILL


The company began in 1910, started by brothers Gailard and Ira Weaver. They had numerous patents on various garage machines and accessories. The first jacks were developed by them at the turn of the century. The company had gone through several changes and owners. The Weaver Jack Corporation is still in business today and produces hydraulic jacks, lifts, breaks, and many more items.


One of their products during WWII was the M1, hydraulic bomb lift. Used by the Army Air Force up to the Korean War. The small bomb loader was capable of up to a 2000pound lift, taken from the bomb dump or racks to plane, namely P-47 and P-51s by pulling the handle with “man” power. The tires are of aircraft type and quality, Henri has a nice piece of historical equipment. The tires are the originals and still contain the same air.


Joe Gopan - photos of a very well restored M1 bomb lift.

Photos of Joe Gopan, G503 Forum

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