WWII Battlefield Research and Preservation Group is a non-profit organization and relies on patron membership as well as donations to aid in the research efforts. Anyone can join the organization and bring to the table ideas and assistance in cases ongoing. Membership in WWII Battlefield Research and Preservation Group is a privilege and not a right. Discrimination based on race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, or disability is prohibited. There are two distinct types of membership:

Active Membership which is limited to a small number for subject matter expertise and simplicity, (minimum of 3 founding members.)
Patrone Membership is offered to the public in the interest of support for the Organization.

Membership Term is annually based upon individual member decision to remain active.

Dues: Each member pays annual dues in the amount of not less than € 10.00, nor exceed €50.00 unless changed by a majority vote of the Active Members at the AGM (Annual General Meeting). Donation amounts are up to the individual.

Memberships pay method:

Membership, initial or renewal can be made in cash, electronic bank transfer, or Paypal.

IBAN: and meaning
An IBAN (International Banking Number) is equal to the Account number of US holders and must be used to transfer funds internationally. Outside the US this is used for electronic deposit (SNET) or the bank paper “transfer” form, “Virement” in French.

-For those in the EU- International (may not work in the US), the IBAN for WWIIBRPG is
 LU06 0019 4955 4979 6000. Be sure to add WWII Battlefield Research and Preservation Group, asbl as the "pay to" and for “comments” or “communication Beneficiary” "for sponsor membership/donation"

-BIC:  The Bank Identifier Code (BIC).CHIPS (Clearing House Inter-Bank Payment System) – US and Canada.
BIC in the United States is the Routing Number, Bank location, or branch.
The BIC for WWIIBRPG is:

If outside the EU, you must ensure your bank has permitted your account to complete international transactions, or you are using an international transfer application/provider to accomplish it.


If not, Paypal is the option.


We said that in 2020 the membership card was the year of the B-17, we dedicated 2020 to the  US Army Air Forces to remember the loss of the beautiful B-17G "Nine O Nine" that was lost in October 2019, and we had a very positive belief that 2020 would be a very successful season for our own research, and it was. We positively identified the crash site of "Sneakin Deacon", read the closing findings of 44-6141 under "Active Projects", United States Army Air Force bomber # 44-6141, of the 384th Bomber Group, 544th Bomber Squadron. We are pressing on in our search for Bull Session, # 43-38911, and have high hopes of making good progress. This year's card to be dedicated to the 91st Bomber group. 

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