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WWII Battlefield Research and Preservation Group is a non-profit organization and relies on patron membership as well as donations to aid in the research efforts. Anyone can join the organization and bring to the table ideas and assistance in cases ongoing. Membership in WWII Battlefield Research and Preservation Group is a privilege and not a right. Discrimination based on race, sex, age, color, religion, national origin, or disability is prohibited. There are two distinct types of membership:

Active Membership which is limited to a small number for subject matter expertise and simplicity, (minimum of 3 founding members.)
Patrone Membership is offered to the public in the interest of support for the Organization.

Membership Term is annually based upon individual member decision to remain active.

Dues: Each member pays annual dues in the amount of not less than € 10.00. Donation amounts are up to the individual.

Memberships pay method:

Membership, initial, or renewal can be made in cash, electronic bank transfer, or Paypal.

IBAN: and meaning
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-For those in the EU- International (may not work in the US), the IBAN for WWIIBRPG is
 LU06 0019 4955 4979 6000. Be sure to add WWII Battlefield Research and Preservation Group, asbl as the "pay to" and for “comments” or “communication Beneficiary” "for sponsor membership/donation"

The BIC for WWIIBRPG is:

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If not, Paypal is the best option. WWIIBRPG ASBL

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After a five-year search for the aircraft that was missing for 76 years, we not only have solved the mystery of where it went, but can now correct historical records, and literature written concerning its demise. Being that there is a substantial amount of material (5 tons) and data, a literal crime scene is preserved with evidence to point out the exact cause of the downing. That data will present a detailed account of the explosion and the location of the flak impact.


It’s paramount to reiterate that this project is out of pocket and the costs are not recuperated. Donations and membership fees are essential to support the mission. Contributions aid in the cost of material, supply, fees, and investigative expenses incurred.  This year is committed to cleaning debris, identifying, tagging, and building a database of parts identified. The long goal is to have the material exhibited in the public with explanations. We welcome public/new members’ expertise in woodworking, metalworking, computer techies, and part of planning/ideas of an exhibit.

Objectives for the exhibition:
1. Location – currently no location has been established due to museum real estate issues and a long waiting list of 2-5 years for space to show. Requests are being sent around as well as meeting with different communities.

2. Clean, stabilize and refurbish large parts such as landing gear/struts, main wing, elevators, and a turbo exhibit, this is where wood/metal experience is welcome

3. VR? Can be expensive; if possible a VR room in a cockpit setting and or simulation of a B-17 program. (Microprose)

4. Partial mockup of fuselage/cabin, not in all-out detail.


For the main exhibit, a hall with sections and explanations of the crew, mission, ship, excavation, and artifacts. Sections with items are but, are not limited to; radio room, survival, cockpit, engines, ball turret, and wing structure. It is desired to address the aeronautical importance of the plane and not just as a machine of war, but as aviation advances and perspective of the time.
This year's card shows the primary parts of the ship found in this highlighted diagram.

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