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Radio Section, Bulkhead 5 to 6


The discovery of remaining radio room debris can't be understated for the value of looking for Sgt. Stephen P. Wulderk. It was unknown in what direction Bull Session went or where it impacted on the ground, but its discovery is key to aid in the finding of the MIA airmen, Sgt Wulderk and Sgt Holowaty. Crital for the search of MIAs and the recovery of both, you need to know where the aircraft rests. In a large number of aircraft incidents, MIAs are often found in or near where the plane came down, but not always. Fortunately, the crash location for Bull Session was discovered after five and a half years of searching the hills and forest stretching 12 kilometers. Not only was the site found, but much of what was in the radio room and some aircraft structure was also recovered. This section covers what was recovered and put into the exhibit. The search in the crash area continues for Sgt. Wulderk. 


The Radio Section location is indicated in the fuselage between bulkhead Stations five and six.

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